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The Common Craft Library has been discontinued. Please check out our other eLearning Template Libraries for awesome templates, video themes, and stock graphics.

If you ever need an introductory-level instructional video for an eLearning course, make it easy on yourself and take a look in our Common Craft Instructional video library. At the time of publishing this post, we currently have 82 instructional videos in that playful Common Craft style, covering various topics, from Account Security to Zombies. One of these broad topics can add a certain spice to your course, or spark a interesting discussion with your learners.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of these great examples.

Bias Detection

No matter what your take is on the issues, you likely know that the worlds of politics, ideas, ethics, etc. are not always unanimously agreed upon. Think of one issue currently part of the societal or cultural conversation. Any issue. Now do a little digging, and you’ll find that their are millions of different conversation points within that issue that are widely or loudly debated in some form or another. If you want to function as a well-rounded individual, it’s important to know how to tell the difference between fact and opinion, or at least have the mental tools necessary to dig deeper and find evidence to either back up or discredit the things that are presented to you as fact. Try this video to teach your team the critical thinking skills they need in order to be well-informed.

Big Data

Think about a street intersection. Depending on where it is, there could potentially be thousands of cars passing through it every day. Imagine keeping track of all that traffic with a computer, charting people’s behavior there and using that information to make the intersection or traffic pattern more efficient. Now imagine doing that with every intersection in the entire country, and using those heaps and mounds of data to study how all of these intersections interact with each other and with the traffic that flows through them, thus making the traffic-flow for the nation as a whole as efficient as possible with that information.

This is what we could call “Big Data”. It’s used in infrastructure (like roads), healthcare, weather forecasting and much more. Lots and lots of data runs through monstrously powerful computers and we’re able to make large-scale decisions in a moment based on information that would take eons to sift through by hand. For a more in-depth summary, try this demo video about Big Data.

Secure Passwords

If you do anything online regularly, you probably have a password or two to log into your accounts. It’s just part of modern life. With the increasing amount of things that can be done online, there’s more information that you can store in these online accounts, and criminals want access to it. The best way to deter this is to choose a password that you can remember but would be hard to guess from whole cloth. Learn some helpful tips and tricks on how to craft strong password in this instructional video.

Find these and more in the Common Craft Instructional Video Library. Download one today!

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