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The Common Craft Library has been discontinued. Please check out our other eLearning Template Libraries for awesome templates, video themes, and stock graphics.

Common Craft has an extensive library of informative and instructional videos. With professionalism and personality, they are easy to drop into an eLearning course to quickly get a point across in an engaging way.

Today we’re taking a look at 3 videos in particular that will really spice up your next project.

Artificial Intelligence

The term “Artificial Intelligence” has become something of a buzzword in recent years, with many fearing the impending “singularity,” the moment when computers become more intelligent than us, and the course of humanity is irrevocably changed. But what exactly is an artificial intelligence, and what does it do for us? Should we be afraid at all? All these questions and more are explored in this interesting foray into the world of computing.

Web Search Strategies

The internet is big. Extremely big. Caitlin Dewey of the Washington Post estimated that if you printed the entire internet onto paper, you’d need about 305.5 billion pages to finish the job. That’s a mind-boggling amount of information. Given statistics like this, it can seem like a daunting task to find the one page you’re looking for, especially imagining it filed away in an immense warehouse alongside hundreds of billions of others. But luckily, we have search engines which compile and organize those websites to give us easy access with a few keystrokes. But many people don’t realize that they could be getting better and more precise results by including certain terms in their search query, or by phrasing it in a certain way. This handy video teaches just that, and it can make research—or even simple curiosities—a cinch.


If you’re not already a podcast-listener, you really ought to get onboard. On most computers and mobile devices, you can easily download or stream hours and hours of professional and amateur audio, most of the time completely for free. They range in genre from culture, entertainment, and science to finance, marketing, education, and everything in between. This video gives you a concise look at the mechanics of podcasting and its many benefits as a medium.

For more great instructional videos for your next eLearning project, take a look at the wonderful selection in the Common Craft instructional video library.

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