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2018's 10 Most Popular PowerPoint Assets (So Far)

Our PowerPoint templates are loved far and wide. It’s true. They are some of the most downloaded templates in our library! In fact, just in 2018 we’ve already had 14,000 downloads from our PowerPoint library alone. So today I want to take a look at the ones that have been the most popular thus far.


3D Animated Dial

The first one on our list is an animated dial created during a webinar by our Director of Product and Design, Nic Brown. What’s more, this one is in the free library ready for you to download!

Comparison Infographic

This comparison infographic is a fan favorite, and has been around for years! Easily adjustable and beautifully designed, this is a great template to have in your PowerPoint asset library.

Slide Layouts

Don’t you love it when you open up a template that has loads of different slides you can pull from? This template includes fifteen layouts with six theme backgrounds! You’ll love it.


This animated slide template is amazingly popular! Need to represent a lifeline? Use this template. Need to show the order of historical events? Use this template. Colorful, animated, and easy to use, you too can use this template!

Business 05 Layout

Another full PowerPoint deck template, this popular item has seen some love this year. It is clear, clean, and easy to use containing well thought-out designs you can start using in seconds.


Customizable Courseware Demos

The next two most popular templates of 2018 are sample courses from our Customizable Courseware. The Build Your Sales Benefit Play (ILT) template from the Griffin Hill sales System™ and the Prioritize Like A Pro (ILT) from the Professional Soft Skills library are both good looking and filled with ready-to-use information!

Block Infographic

Infographics are popular, and they do wonders in making a lot of information available in one place in a good looking way. This block infographic has been very popular ever since the day of its creation.

eLB ID Template

We want everyone to be an eLearning Rockstar. That’s why this Instructional Designer PowerPoint template is in the free library for you to use. This handy download includes a template for Global Course Information, Revision History, a Course Map Outline, a Course Map and more.

Venn Diagrams

The final template on our list is a great venn diagram that can grow or shrink to fit your needs. Its usefulness knows, apparently, no bounds as it has been extremely popular so far here in 2018.

So there you have it. The ten most popular templates for PowerPoint available from eLearning Brothers. Have you used these before? Did your favorite template not make the list? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to see what you think.


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