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UPDATE: Team Captivate won! Congrats, Damon and Dart!


It’s that time again. The office is filled with the whoosh of foosball rods spinning, the plink of balls dropping into goals, and cries of victory—and sometimes defeat—as our teams practice for the annual eLearning Brothers Foosball Tournament. Team pride and a year of bragging rights are on the line. It’s an intense time in the office.

This year, we’re playing doubles and each team is representing a different authoring tool or eLearning concept.

We’d like to introduce you to the players today, and encourage you to pick a team to cheer for! Read on for each team’s reason why they think they’re going to own the tournament this year.

And mark your calendars—we will be airing the tournament via Facebook Live next Wednesday, December 19 at noon MST. 

You can make your own bracket predictions here. There will be a prize for the person—or persons—whose bracket predictions turn out right!

2018 Foosball tournament bracket


Team Camtasia

Mitch, Defense

Zach, Offense

Mitch says, “Zach and I have never lost a tournament we have played together on…. we have also never won so that takes the pressure off that undefeated record.” Show your support for Team Camtasia in the Facebook comments with these hashtags suggested by Mitch: #TEAMCAMTASIA #WEFOOZYOULOOZ

Ever the picture of humility, Zach declared that when you “combine Mitch’s rugged good looks and Zach’s good rugged looks, team Camtasia is a force to be reckoned with.” We won’t ask why Zach is referring to himself in the third person…


Team PowerPoint

Todd, Offense

Jeff, Defense

Team PowerPoint starts each tournament with an inspiring locker room pep talk that goes like this:

“An alliance, forged by fire, meant to burn the whole world of foos to ash. They call us Thunder & Lighting. They call us Justice & Mercy… They call us Team PowerPoint. When all foes have been slain, then these 2 heroes of men will at long last claim their prize. Glory.”

Come watch on Wednesday to see if they achieve glory!


Team Lectora

Ivan, Offense

Talia, Defense

Team Lectora’s pre-Foosball battle chant goes like this:

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. 

Team Lectora = Bears

Battlestar Galactica = everyone else

I like their confidence, what do you think?

Team Captivate

Damon, Offense

d’Artagnan, Defense

Team Highlight: Team Captivate (“the most robust authoring tool” according to the players) is the only double BDR team. The other duos are all from different departments than each other.

Will their close working relationship give Damon and d’Artagnan an edge? Watch the tournament to find out!



Team iSpring

J.R., Offense

Drew, Defense

Team iSpring’s mantra is “A flute with no holes is not a flute. A donut with no hole is a danish. Today we take no prisoners.”

Perhaps they will distract their opponents by throwing danishes at them? I want to be an onlooker during that match—I like danishes!


Team eLearning Development

Andre, Defense

Drew N., Offense

According to Andre, “Drew N. and I are going to win because Drew is fast enough to play all 4 bars. I just act like I’m playing and try not to get in his way.”

We’ll see how that strategy works out for them on Wednesday!


Team Storyline

Wilson, Defense

Ryan, Offense

Team Storyline is ready with the smack talk: “Our team is boutta win cause we’re nice with it. Wrist game stay on glacier and that’s big fax, no cap.”

No one in the office over 30 knows what that means, but they’re intimidated anyway.


Team Instructional Design

Andrew, Defense

Curtis, Offense

Team Instructional Design is feeling confident! “One of my secret talents is that I can wiggle my nose, which will be very distracting for the other team,” said Curtis. He also claims that his partner Andrew has 3.77x more fast twitch muscles than the average human.

Will their speed and distracting talents win them the gold?


The Battlefield:

Photo of a foosball table, the site of the 2018 foosball tournament


All our dynamic duos sound very confident. Who do you think will win? Remember to fill out your bracket predictions before Wednesday at Noon MST. Then, join us on Facebook Wednesday afternoon as our teams battle it out.

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