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Over 2000 New Cutout People For Your Next Amazing Training

Since the beginning of the year, we have added over 19,000 cutout images to our already massive Cutout People Library. We continue to expand categories such as business, casual, and industrial outfits, as well as add new categories and costumes for you to effectively use in your training and sales presentations. This last month was no exception.


Cutout people - Servers, Food servers, waitresses

While evaluating our Cutout People Library, we noticed that we had very few waiters and waitresses. While we have other food industry centered costumes and poses, we decided to focus more on the aspects of the food industry that would make the most sense using in a presentation or in a training course. The contact that servers have with their customers is a huge part of the restaurant experience, and this idea of having someone help you through a certain process translates very well to online training and presenting.

Disabled (wheelchair):

Cutout people: Disabled (wheelchair)

While attending DevLearn last year we asked for feedback on various libraries and how we could improve them. We received lots of idea on how we can enhance and add to the Cutout People Library. One of the suggestions that kept coming in was get wheelchairs that disabled people would actually use. Meaning, use actual wheelchairs and not the ones that you see normally in hospitals. So we did it!

Everything Else:

And don’t worry, we are always adding the normal slew of business, casual, medial and more! In this series, we have uploaded over 2300 cutouts 100% ready to use. So get crackin’! Check out our Free Library and experiment with over 50 cutout people images.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the survey below!

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