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captivate timeline

As much as we may protest, time moves continually onward. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and each increment marches forward at a seemingly increasing rate.

One way to make sense of the insatiable river we call time is to use a timeline—a graphic that puts chronological events on a physical line to help us understand the order in which events transpired. The lines can be horizontal, vertical and even diagonal as long as they make intuitive sense to the viewer and are easily readable.

Furthermore, a timeline can be proportionate—representing each relevant increment of time (years, months, days) with the same length on the line—or disproportionate in cases where several events group close together in a way that would make it difficult to mark them so close together, in which case it might make more sense to space each event evenly, regardless of the time transpired between them.

A timeline interaction, such as the ones we have in our Captivate template library, are handy tools for eLearning, especially in subjects where it is important that learners know the relevant events in the history of the topic at hand.

Timeline 1


The Timeline 1 template is simple, but effective. With  cool but contrasting color scheme, it conveys a sense of officialness and modernitity. Learners simply drag each circular label to its corresponding position on the timeline. Once all label are placed, the learner clicks submit to see how closely they matched the correct answers. Designers may change each label and their corresponding date as the subject matter demands, and remove, add, and reposition each element of the timeline accordingly.

Timeline 2


Dark yellows and glowing greens amidst a background of streamlined trains in a rail yard give Timeline 2 a gritty retro-futurist aesthetic that is both haunting and compelling. Unlike Timeline 1 which laid out events on a line proportionate to their chronological spacing, Timeline 2 is less concerned with the hammering home the time transpiring between events and more concerned with showing learners the order of events in list form. In this template, the chronology of events is more important than their exact placement in time. As always, Timeline 2 is also completely customizable.

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