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We wanted to congratulate Apple on their record breaking first quarter. They made $74.6B in revenue and $18B in profit, making it the most profitable quarter in business — and the most profitable quarter in the history of the world.


Being an Apple user myself, it warms my heart a bit to know that they are one of the 60+ Fortune 100 companies that use our products or services. Let me say that again. Over 60% of the Fortune 100 companies either use our eLearning templates in their training or contract with eLearning Brothers for custom course development. That is astounding when you think about it.


Occasionally, I run across someone who doesn’t like the idea of using templates. Perhaps they feel templates are too “cookie-cutter,” or they don’t allow the designer/developer to fully express themselves. I can understand their concern. Many template providers only allow their customers to change a few variables. Not so with eLearning Brothers. Subscribers to our eLearning Template Library gain full access to the source code, allowing them to change as much, or as little as they would like. Absolutely no cookie-cutter-ness required.


That might be one of the many reasons why Apple, and the majority of the other leading companies on the planet use our product. It’s also a pretty good reason as to why you should use eLearning Templates in your development.


Check out just how versatile our templates can be. Sign up for a Free eLearning Templates account now and get started.


P.S. Microsoft uses our templates too. We are not just Apple fans.

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