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eLearning Love

Every month we add new eLearning Templates to the eLearning library.  For example, February, the month of love, we added a total of 137 templates of eLearning love!  Now everyone say, “ahhhh.” Wasn’t that cute?

Okay, here are a few templates we are really excited to show you:

  • Articulate Storyline Games – these new templates are awesome! For any Storyline user these templates are a huge addition to the Storyline games sections of the library. Casino Challenge, Home Run Challenge, Big Business Challenge, and Race for the Treasure are really fun concepts we hope you enjoy. Also, stay tuned for more eLearning game templates to be rolled out in other major authoring tools.
  • Lectora Interactions – Lectora template are getting several new interaction templates.  A good one to try out for your next Lectora course is the Side Bar Viewer. Clean design with lots of room to organize your content.
  • Articulate Storyline Interactions – Most of these template interactions are tabbed interaction templates. One to mention that is the visual timeline. You could use this to show a historical timeline for your course.
  • Stock Graphics – The new caution sign stock graphics are also very useful. If your course has a construction theme these templates would be fantastic.

One last thing, at the end of this post, you’ll find a list of other great blog posts in the month of February. Happy eLearning!


New HTML 5 Interactions!

HTML5 Interactions

Check out our library of HTML5 Interactions.

New Lectora Interactions!

Simplistic Tabs Lectora Template Interactions Lectora Template Interactions Lectora Template Interactions Bottom Bar Viewer People Viewer 1 Lectora Template InteractionsObjectives Review Info Squares 2 Info Squares 1 Blocks of Info Lectora Template Interactions

Check out our library of Lectora Interactions.

New Articulate Storyline Games!

Articulate Storyline Games Whitewater Alpine Skiing Articulate Storyline Games Articulate Storyline Games Articulate Storyline Games Articulate Storyline Games

Check out our library of Articulate Storyline Games.

New Articulate Storyline Interactions!

Articulate Storyline Interaction Process Numbers 3 Match Picture Label 2 Tabbed Bottom Articulate Storyline Interaction Articulate Storyline Interaction

Check out our library of Articulate Storyline Interactions.

New Articulate Storyline Character Packs!

 Articulate Storyline Character Packs Articulate Storyline Character Packs Articulate Storyline Character Packs


Check out our library of Cutout People Images and Articulate Storyline Character Packs.

New Articulate Presenter Player Skins!

Articulate Presenter Player Skins Articulate Presenter Player Skins

Check out our library of Articulate Presenter Player Skins.

New Stock Graphic Icons!

Stock Graphic Icons

Check out our library of Stock Graphic Icons.

Note: These templates are available for download for all current Template Library subscribers. Sign up to our eLearning Template Library and get TONS of great templates.

Great Blog Posts Last Month

Also, if you missed some of our posts last month. Here are eight of our favorite blog posts in February:

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