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Adobe Captivate 9 Themes

With the release of Captivate 9, 10 new themes have been added to your resources. Each of these themes is fully-customizable, and we’ll show you how.

Theme Colors

Changing theme colors in Captivate 9 is an easy way to update any theme file. Simply click on Theme Colors button on the bottom right of the Themes dropdown (make sure you are in Filmstrip view).  There you can select pre-set color pallets from the dropdown or click Customize to edit and add your own. A nice feature while using this window is that when a pallet is selected, the elements on the current slide update to match those colors. To edit any custom theme colors, go to the Manage Custom Theme Colors dialog box by clicking on the menu button at the top right of the Theme Colors window. Here, you can rename and delete theme colors.

Using Themes

Using the Themes feature in Captivate can be pretty powerful, especially if you are unsure what design style you need upfront.  A lot of the time, it can be difficult to envision a course before development has started, and this feature helps provide insight on what a final look could be. Each Theme design has a set of layouts to get you started that you can further develop from. Theme design applied to layouts can be interchanged from theme to theme, which is very helpful in deciding the final look. One word of caution: If you are going to develop a course from a Theme, stick with the layouts provided. Otherwise, changing elements (e.g., adding/removing objects and styles) could result in less than ideal circumstances, including misalignment of objects and items not assigned with appropriate properties.


The Object Style Manager (OSM) is used to manage and display all styles in one window. This can be helpful when creating and/or updating styles that are applied to buttons, captions, smart shapes, etc. As a best practice, we like to open the OSM to check that styles are used consistently throughout breakpoints and button states. We also use this window to view and delete any unused styles.

Updated Image Placeholders

In previous versions of Captivate, image placeholders resized to fit screen sizes but were being stretched and skewed. Now, with our new designs, they are scaled proportionately and have multiple placeholders to be replaced when working in mobile breakpoints.

In the video below, I’ll show you how to use these themes within Captivate 9.


Check out each of the themes below.


 captivate _theme_clean  captivate_theme_smart  captivate_theme_poise
 captivate_theme_suave captivate_theme_simple captivate_theme_fresh
 captivate_theme_vibrant  captivate_theme_clear  captivate_theme_classy

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