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Articulate Storyline 2 has numerous features that make developing eLearning greatness outstandingly simple. I will be going through ten features, both well-known and not, of Storyline 2 that are essential that you start putting into application in your next project. Whether you are completely new to Storyline or a returning expert, you will find this list of features a refreshingly helpful guide to the success of your projects.

1. Motion Paths

Motion paths add so much to projects when they are used effectively. Motion paths allow you to move an object on-screen in a variety of different ways. Motion paths are completely customizable and add a sense of interactivity to your projects. Motion paths are most effectively used in games where you want to have moving pieces giving the user the perception that he is controlling the project (via the motion paths).

2. Move Trigger

Move Trigger

This feature allows you to connect your motion paths or your animation to triggers whenever the learner wants.This means you can move a specified motion path whenever a state changes, the timeline starts or ends, when the user clicks, and numerous other choices.

3. Slider Interactions

Slider Control

The slider control lets your learners quickly manipulate data, explore cause-and-effect relationships, control objects and navigation, and more. Your users can use the slider and see the data move as they interact with the slider.

4. Object Animations

Object animations are what bring your courses to life. You now have three times more object animations than the previous update. These new animations provide a ton of flexibility and options to change how an object appears or disappears in your course.

5. Character Spacing

Character Spacing

Character spacing seems like a small feature compared to other features such as motion paths and slider control. But again these features are here to make your templates awesome, and character spacing is a finite way to do it. Character spacing is more or less self explanatory; this feature allows you to to change the “spacing” between the letters in a word and in a paragraph. This simple aesthetic modifier allows you to customize your projects exactly to your specifications.

6. Read-Only Seekbar

Read Only Seekbar

There are times you don’t want your learner to skip ahead, but still want them to see their progress. The Read-Only Seekbar feature allows you to make the Seekbar Read-Only which inhibits the learner to “seek” through the course. You’ll find this option in Player Properties under Controls. There you will see the drop-down options for Allow User to Drag Seekbar or Seekbar is Read-Only.

7. Custom Bullets

Custom Bullets

Bullets are all over in eLearning courses. The customization of these bullets is very valuable. The Custom Bullets feature allows for more design options in the size and appearance of the bullets.

8. Hide Next Player Button Trigger

Hide Next Player Button

There have been updates in Storyline 2 that allow you to hide the pre-built next button located in the player. You can also hide the next button until all the clickable objects on the screen are clicked.

9. Dockable Panels

Have you ever wanted to have more space in your development in Storyline? With the dockable and undockable panels you can move everything like your triggers, slide layers, timeline, states, notes, and scenes panels anywhere on your desktop or even to a second monitor.

10. AutoRecovery

AutoRecover is one of those features that you don’t know exists until you are wishing it exists. If Storyline closes unexpectedly, you can reopen your file right where you left off. This feature will save you more times than you are willing to admit. But just in case, remember to save often!

These 10 features are some of the most helpful and lifesaving features in Storyline. If used correctly and to their full potential you have everything you need to create awesome Storyline templates. Let me know in the comments section below what you think and your experiences with these features! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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