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Build Learning That ROCKS!

You have learning objectives to achieve and deadlines to meet. The fastest way to do that is with the best authoring tools and the best content all in one place. Our recent acquisition of Trivantis enables us to offer you just that. Go ahead, start rocking—build mobile-responsive learning content or immersive virtual training now.

The Most Trusted Authoring Tool in the World

Unmatched Interactivity

Lectora is the most versatile authoring tool you’ll ever experience. No other tool can match Lectora’s level of interactivity. Any video-based, scenario-based, or responsive learning need will come to life in Lectora – consider it your playground for eLearning!


Conditional Branching & Sequenced Events

Imagine zero limitations when developing your eLearning. With Lectora, you can track and react to learners’ behavior by using actions, conditions, variables, and triggers. By adding conditional branching and sequenced events, you can create a more dynamic and personalized learning experience.


Extensibility without Boundaries

If you can imagine it, you can build it. There’s no box holding you back nor wall limiting you. With Lectora, you can write your own scripts, or include custom libraries, fonts, and CSS. There are no boundaries restraining what you can do with this flexible authoring tool!


Collaborative Authoring & Automated Versioning

Forget losing your work or missing important changes. Lectora lets you develop eLearning with your teammates around the world simultaneously. Revisions are automatically tracked with built-in versioning features and you can create multiple course versions alongside other authors.


Quizzes & Assessments

From formative assessments to randomized testing, Lectora equips you to conquer every training challenge and learning need. Plus, you can conveniently import and export your question files, and create question banks and answer keys with ease.

Develop Virtual Reality Content With Ease and Speed

Scene Starters

Upload any equirectangular image or 360-degree video. Then select your starting scene to add questions, hotspots, and interactivity.


Interactivity & Conditions

Engage learners by adding conditional branching with varied outcomes, timed objects, actions, linked scenes, quizzes, multimedia, and hot spots with info cards.


Real-Time Scoring

Engage learners with live score updates while you assess and evaluate quizzes, responses, and feedback.


Publish Formats

Easily publish to SCORM formats, xAPI, cmi5, and HTML. Or, publish courses to your LMS, authoring app, mobile device, or nearly any headset.


Content Delivery

Access content on the web, mobile devices, Lectora/authoring apps, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Focus, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, cardboard headsets, and more!


xAPI Tracking

Measure learning and retention with our built-in xAPI data tracking features and analytics dashboard showing performance in real time.

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