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Authoring Suite FAQ

I’m a current Asset Library subscriber, and I’m wondering…

What happens to my Asset Library subscription?

It’s getting more awesome! Your current Asset Library will remain active through your current contract term. You may be able to jump right to the Gold Suite, depending on your current subscription, which will give you access to Lectora and ReviewLink in addition to the Assets you’re already enjoying. Reach out to your account executive to make the move.

How do eLB Master Suite plans correlate with the new Suites?

Good news! Your account is eligible to move directly to our Gold Suite. Please contact your account executive to make the move and start enjoying Lectora and ReviewLink too.

If my existing eLearning Brothers account moves to one of the Authoring Suites how will I access Lectora / CenarioVR / ReviewLink?

You’ll receive a welcome email from the team that handles each specific product line (Lectora, CenarioVR, ReviewLink). You may receive more than one email depending on your Suite. 

What happens if I’m already subscribed to all eLearning Brothers Asset Libraries, but I want to move to the Silver Suite?

You can move to the Silver Suite which includes Lectora Online and in-app access to 4 eLearning Brothers Asset Libraries: Lectora Template Library, Cutout People, Icon Library, and Stock Assets (images, audio, video). However, in moving to the Silver Suite, you would no longer have web access to the full eLearning Brothers Asset Libraries.

I’m a current Lectora customer, and I’m wondering…

How do I get the new Lectora Desktop 19?

So you’re ready to rock out with Lectora 19? That’s awesome! What’s also awesome? If you’re a Lectora Inspire or Publisher customer current on maintenance, you get Lectora 19 as part of that plan! You can also purchase the Gold or Platinum Suites to get the latest Lectora Desktop version now and in the future.

I’m a current maintenance customer. Do I need to wait until my renewal to get access to the new Suite?

Of course not! You can have immediate access to everything in the Suite. Contact our sales department and we will get you all sorted out!

Can I keep my current Lectora maintenance plan?

To make things simpler for you, maintenance is included in our new Suites. When your current maintenance ends, you’ll need to purchase a subscription of the Gold or Platinum Authoring Suite to receive product updates and new versions, (which will be at your current price for the first annual renewal). If you choose to continue using Lectora 17 or 18, we’ll still provide technical support, but you won’t receive updates and new versions.

I currently have Inspire or Publisher with maintenance. What happens if I don’t want to move over to a Suite and just want to use my perpetual license of Lectora Desktop?

Once your current maintenance period ends, your Lectora Desktop will remain functional but will lose access to integrations such as the eLearning Brothers Templates and Assets, Camtasia, and BranchTrack. You will also lose access to ReviewLink. However, you can continue to build and publish courses in Lectora Desktop.

What happened to Camtasia and SnagIt?

New in Lectora 19 is a built-in screen recording and editing tool for a seamless workflow inside Lectora, along with a new image editor in the Tools ribbon.

If I stay on Lectora 17 or 18 can I still use Camtasia and/or SnagIt?

We think you’ll really like our new built-in screen recording and editing tool, but if you want to continue using Camtasia and SnagIt, you’ll need to keep Lectora version 18 installed. Version 19 can be installed alongside 18. Be sure to update any shortcuts or file associations to Lectora 19 to ensure all title edits are made with the latest version!

When will my account renew?

No need to whip out your planner—your account renewal date will remain unchanged unless you choose to update your subscription early. If you wish to make changes to your plans now, please contact your Account Executive or email sales@elearningbrothers.com.

What should I do if my maintenance plan for Lectora is no longer active, but I want to renew it?

To make things simpler for you, we no longer sell maintenance plans separately. If you subscribe to an Authoring Suite then you’ll always get all of our updates, newest versions, new templates, and all support. We recommend Lectora Desktop users subscribe to the Gold or Platinum Suites to get access to all tools and continued updates.

If I upgrade to Gold or Platinum, how do I activate my access to the full eLearning Brothers Asset Libraries on the website?

Great question! When you first access the eLearning Brothers Asset Libraries from within the Lectora 19 Tools menu, you will be prompted to set up your eLearning Brothers account, which you can use to access the entire eLearning Brothers Asset Library on library.elearningbrothers.com in addition to the in-app Asset Libraries.

I have the Free Lectora Online account, will anything change for me?

No! You’ll continue to be able to author eLearning awesomeness with your Lectora Online account.

Do I need a new Lectora license key for Lectora Desktop 19?

Yes. A new license for Lectora 19 will be required to unlock the awesomeness of Lectora 19. If you’re currently under maintenance you may request your upgrade here: https://www.trivantis.com/lectora/upgrade/. If you’re not current on maintenance, contact your account representative.

I’m a current CenarioVR subscriber, and I’m wondering…

What if I already have a CenarioVR account?

No worries—CenarioVR account holders will continue to have access! If you’re on the Starter plan you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum Suite on your renewal date. If you’re on the Pro or Enterprise plans, you can switch to the Platinum Suite to get more value at an even better price. The Platinum Suite includes CenarioVR, Lectora desktop and online, and the full eLearning Brothers Asset Library.

How do the new plans compare to previous?

The new Suites give you even more value at incredible prices. You now have access to more industry-leading tools and assets with one subscription. Develop interactive learning faster than ever with Lectora authoring tool and the extensive Asset Library. With the Platinum Suite, you get access to the cutting edge virtual reality course builder tool, CenarioVR, previously priced at $2100, for the Platinum price of $1599!

Still have questions? Call your sales rep at 801-854-5495, or send an email to sales@elearningbrothers.com.

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