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Authoring Suite FAQ

I’m ready to purchase! How do I buy?

Call your sales rep at 801-796-2767 or send an email to sales@elearningbrothers.com and we will get you rocking!

What payment options are available?

We are flexible. There are several options including all major credit cards, Paypal, we can place phone orders, you can request an invoice, we accept wire payments, or electronic money requests. If you have any other questions about payments, please contact us for details.

Can I download and “stockpile” your templates on my hard drive or shared server?

The library is designed to download templates as you need them. “Stockpiling” templates or stock assets is prohibited. We encourage you to download and save templates and images on an as-needed basis.

Do I need an SVG editing app in order to edit your icons?

Don’t be intimidated by SVG files! These can be edited inside of PowerPoint, no fancy editing software required.

Are subscriptions annual or monthly?

Our listed prices represent one annual payment, but monthly payment plans are available. Contact our sales department for more information.

Do you offer special pricing for educational or government institutions?

We offer the same great, low pricing for all customers.

Are the Assets royalty-free?

Our Assets are completely royalty-free! Download and create all the awesome learning you can dream of.

Can I sell courses that I have created using your tools and templates?

Yes. You can use our templates to build courses that you sell. You can’t resell our templates as “templates.” They must be populated with your own content and be integrated into your project.

I am currently subscribed to the Asset Library, Lectora, or CenarioVR. What are my upgrade options?

We have fantastic options for you. Contact your account rep or check out our upgrading FAQ here.

Still have questions? Call your sales rep at 801-854-5495, or send an email to sales@elearningbrothers.com.

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