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eLearning Brothers’ Online Brand Presence is Unbeatable

eLearning is everywhere. We are proud to support and create awesomeness for clients ranging from small, one-off freelance eLearning developers to large universities and a whopping 90% of the companies in the Fortune 100. Our libraries speak to the eLearning designer/developer as well as the power presenters of the world.

 You can choose to promote our products individually or in packages just like we do!


Template Library
Templates built natively in popular eLearning authoring tools. Games, scenarios, interactions, layouts, and more!


Cutout People Library
TONS of cutout people images with transparent backgrounds. Multiple poses and emotions.


Stock Asset Library
All the stock photos, graphics, audio, and video you need!


Icon Library
Thousands of stylized vector and bitmap icons for any project.


PowerPoint Template & Graphic Library
9,000+ graphics built natively in PowerPoint that are fully customizable.


Medical Asset Library
High-resolution medical images and videos for the medical industry.

8 Reasons You Need To Sign Up To Be an eLearning Brothers Affiliate

1. We pay out 10% per transaction with no caps.

2. Tiered commission payout structure rewards top performers.

3. Nobody’s eLearning and graphic template libraries give you more to choose from than ours.

4. In the eLearning world, you don’t need to explain who we are.

5. Average affiliate payout per transaction is in excess of $60.


6. Our assets are trusted by brands like Google, Adobe, and Amazon.

7. Subscribers get unlimited access to all library updates.

8. We offer a 60-day cookie to account for lengthier sales cycles.

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