[Video] How to Edit Responsive Captivate 8 Templates

Responsive Captivate 8 Templates

This video tutorial I want to show you how to edit the new Responsive Captivate 8 Templates. Let’s be honest, using Responsive Captivate 8 Templates are really cool. Especially, just think about how great it will be for the user to have a beautifully designed courses that fit their mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Adobe Captivate 8 was just released and the new features are fantastic. If you’d like see some of these new features check out a recent blog posts:

– Adobe Announces Captivate 8
What’s New with Adobe Captivate 8?
- Adobe Captivate 8 Templates Are Here!
- Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario
- Responsive Mobile Design in Captivate 8

With this video tutorial I am going teach you how to get started with these Responsive Captivate 8 Templates. You’ll learn the following:

– How to change colors
– How to change the text
– How to add images
– How to copy into an existing project

Click here to get Responsive Adobe Captivate 8 Templates.

Getting Started: Responsive Captivate 8 Templates

(Click here to watch on YouTube.)


See how powerful using Responsive Captivate 8 Templates can really be. Click below to learn more about Captivate 8 Templates.

Adobe Captivate 8 Templates

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