Tag – You’re It!

The new year started out right with a company “team building” activity. Nothing is better than laser tag at 10 in the morning on a weekday when you can have the entire place to yourself.

We were able to learn many things that all brothers should learn. For example, you are not allowed to hit, no running, no fowl language, no climbing over wall, and no crying.

The final results:

  • Overall Points Winner – Brother Andrew
  • Overall Accuracy Winner – Brother Shawn
  • Last Place – Brother Justin (He won the golf challenge last year. Sorry…can’t win everything.)

If you’re ever in Salt Lake City and bored on a day when you should be working…give us a call…we’ll take you laser tagging.

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  1. Nice! We did laser tag for a team building event a couple ago – still one of the best team events we’ve had!

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