Free Holiday eLearning Game Template: Reindeer’s Revenge

eLearning Game Template

Happy Holidays from the eLearning Brothers team!

Do you need a break from all the Holiday shopping, parties, decorating, treat making, caroling, snacking, and tree trimming? We have just the break you need. Click the link below to play Reindeer’s Revenge… just make sure the boss doesn’t catch you playing!

We dare you to try and beat us!

Play the Game!

Top Scores in the Office with Favorite Characters:

  1. Brother Parker: 860 (Rocket Man)
  2. Brother Dan: 1400 (The Ginger Bread Man)
  3. Sister Zach: 1270 (Snowman Stud)
  4. Brother Jared: 690 (The Rockin’ Christmas Tree)

If you really had fun playing the game, click the link below to download the free source files!

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Happy Holidays from the eLearning Brothers team!


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