Producing an eLearning Video Series: 1 – 12

Join us for a comprehensive series of articles that document the video production process of for eLearning Brothers. The series will cover several items from pre-production, to production, to post-production and beyond.

White Balance Video Preparation and Other Tips for Videographers

In the eLearning world, it seems that live-action video is the rarest of gems. There is a place for it though (see this live-action blog), and so you need to learn some camera techniques. Coming from a live-action video background, I am sort of a snob when it comes to... read more

The Importance of Script Writing in Video Presentations

It’s not fair, really. Books are allowed to put on paper eloquent words that paint a picture that is sometimes breathtaking. For example: It was while gliding through these latter waters that one serene and moonlight night, when all the waves rolled by like scrolls of... read more

How to Outline a Video Production Plan

Beginning a project of any substantial size requires a considerable amount of planning. Writing a book, a screenplay, or even a sports play requires a sort of outline. An idea of where you’re starting, and where you want to end, and then everything you need to do to... read more

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