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eLearning Brothers now offer access to over 9,000 professional PowerPoint graphics. Graphics are 100% editable and can export in nearly any software. Our graphics are unbelievably easy to work with.

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The largest collection of cutout people characters! 1,000′s of cutout people images with multiple emotions and poses.

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Stock Photos, Graphics, Audio, and Videos. Looking for stock assets to use in your eLearning development? We have 1,000,000+ to choose from. Unlimited downloads with subscription.

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Recent Blog Posts

Template Tuesday: Adobe Captivate Scenarios

One of the great things I remember from my childhood were the fantastic collection of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. It was always fun to have a choice in the outcome of my sojourning to some castle, ruins, or even the depths of space (even if that... read more

The Greek Gods of eLearning

In days of yore, the Ancient Greeks worshiped a pantheon of powerful gods and goddesses, each ruling over a certain dominion such as the sea, the sky, and the ground. Some even governed abstract concepts such as love, beauty, war, and others. Over the years, however,... read more

4 Handy Articulate Storyline Interactions

Articulate Storyline is dynamic and highly adaptable. Take advantage of this great program and plug in our interaction templates to really spice up your eLearning. We have a myriad of interaction templates to give your course that extra something it needs to stand... read more

Pipe Up for New eLearning Templates!

New eLearning Templates Recently Launched Instant downloads for paid subscribers. Start downloading from the eLearning Template Library now. Learn more about eLearning Template Library membership. Adobe Captivate Templates        Lectora Templates     PowerPoint... read more

Introducing BrightStream TV

Every educator knows engaging your audience is vital for learning and retention, yet we continue to be challenged coming up with new delivery methods. While the digital age has been monumental in making content more engaging, I have something even more exciting to... read more

Freebie Friday: Free Captivate Pyramid Interaction

As you may or may not know, our Captivate templates (and cutout people!) now come included with the purchase of Captivate 9. But what about those of you who still may be on Captivate 7 or 8? We know you’re out there, and we’ve got your back, too! This... read more

The New Adobe Presenter and Presenter Video Express 11

Adobe recently released some killer new software: Presenter 11 and Presenter Video Express 11. Today, we’re taking a brief look at the new capabilities of these updated and revamped authoring tools. Presenter 11 Presenter is an easy way to convert your... read more

5 Ways to Drive Business Leaders to Buy eLearning

Liz Sheffield is a freelance writer with a background in training and development. She specializes in writing about everything related to the human side of business. You can contact her via LinkedIn or Twitter.   Have you ever been in the position of needing to... read more

Trivantis Releases a New Version of ReviewLink!

Trivantis, makers of the popular eLearning authoring software, Lectora, have released the newest version of their course reviewing webware, ReviewLink! ReviewLink has already been a great way to collaborate with your stakeholders and SMEs on any of the Lectora... read more

New eLearning Templates and Cutouts for Your Enjoyment

New eLearning Templates Recently Launched It’s been a few weeks since we last updated you with all of the new items we’ve made for you. Each of these is an instant download for paid subscribers. Start downloading from the eLearning Template Library now!... read more

How Does This Make You Feel?

As eLearning professionals, it’s important that we understand how the mind works. We often talk about how to take advantage of the brain’s intellectual processes to help learners process and mentally grasp the concepts in question, but something that often... read more

We’ve Won a Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award!

No, that’s not a bait-and-switch headline; it’s 100% USDA, Organic, Grass-Fed Truth – we received a 2015 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Learning Award! In case you’re not familiar with them, the Brandon Hall Group is the leading independent research and... read more

Freebie Friday: “Timeline” Free PowerPoint Graphic

PowerPoint is probably one of the most common tools used in training and development in our day. It’s fantastic for making presentations, showing data, and visualizing important concepts. We love it so much, we’ve made over 9000 fully-customizable graphics... read more

Locking Down a Slide in Storyline

Have you ever needed to lock down a slide so the learner couldn’t move forward until they completed the activity? This tutorial will help you do just that! It is intended for Articulate Storyline 1 or 2, but the concepts can be applied to any authoring tool. I have... read more

Data Driven PowerPoint Graphics and Templates

A big part of eLearning is presenting data in a meaningful way. Charts and graphs are an economical way of giving your learners a lot of information in a quick glance. We have several data-driven templates that are easily modified to your aesthetic needs and specific... read more

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Stock Images

Liz Sheffield is a freelance writer with a background in training and development. She specializes in writing about everything related to the human side of business. You can contact her via LinkedIn or Twitter.   I’ll be honest. When I search for stock images, I... read more

eLearning Lessons from Rock Climbing

Since I was a young boy, rock climbing has been a dear hobby of mine. If you were a child that loved to climb trees and have since been disappointed by our culture’s stigma surrounding adult tree climbing, rock climbing makes for an excellent, socially... read more

Freebie Friday: iSpring Character Pack

Last week was a Storyline Character set. This week, we’ve added an iSpring Character Pack to our Free Library and Cutout People subscriptions! In this character pack, Mason struts his stuff onto the stage, sporting a casual look of a blue button-up... read more

7 Time-Saving eLearning Habits

Everyone wishes they had more time in a day, but the simple truth is that we have the time we have and need to make due with it. Here are some helpful tips for making the most of what you got. Prioritize List out everything you need to accomplish. Everything. It... read more

Simple Tips for Perfect Text in Lectora

Here are a few tricks for working with text blocks in Lectora that will speed up your production. First, a simple Ctrl-V paste will retain any formatting applied in programs such as Word or PowerPoint, but these sometimes include hidden characters that can be an issue... read more

A Categorically Awesome Storyline Game Template

Our “Categories” Storyline game template is like that one friend we should all have. It’s delightfully exuberant, but understated. It has a playful and goofy side, but it knows when to take itself seriously. The color palette is genuinely bright and... read more

Introducing New iSpring Character Packs

We are happy to announce the introduction of a new product to our Cutout People Library: iSpring Character Packs! The iSpring Suite is an eLearning authoring software that integrates directly with PowerPoint to give you additional features like customizable Quizzes... read more

August’s Amazing eLearning Templates

New eLearning Templates Recently Launched Instant downloads for paid subscribers. Start downloading from the eLearning Template Library now. Learn more about eLearning Template Library membership.   Adobe Captivate Templates                                ... read more

Back to School with eLearning Templates

Liz Sheffield is a freelance writer with a background in training and development. She specializes in writing about everything related to the human side of business. You can contact her via LinkedIn or Twitter.   It’s back-to-school time across most of the United... read more

4 Generous eLearning Tips

Come Friday night, many of us like to treat ourselves and our loved ones to a pleasant night out. And what night out would be complete without the clatter of silverware, good company, and the savory smells of delicious food wafting from the kitchen? As a frequent... read more

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