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Keeping Tabs on Lectora Interaction Templates

Anybody who has ever thumbed through a large filing cabinet can attest to the fact that things are much easier to navigate when you have tabs: those lovely protruding labels that allow you to quickly differentiate the mind-boggling mass of files and grasp only one at... read more

The All-Time Top 10 Lectora Templates

Lectora Inspire 16 is a fantastic way to make responsive eLearning courses quickly. Using our Lectora templates can also get you there even faster, especially since each one of them is included in the purchase of Lectora 16! But which ones are the most popular amongst... read more

The New Trivia 2 Lectora Game

We’ve recently revamped our ever-popular Trivia game as a new Lectora game template. We’ve added more pizzazz and sparkle to make to make the Trivia 2 template a more theatrical and mesmerizing experience. If you aren’t familiar with the original... read more

The 25 Most Popular eLearning Templates of 2015

Our Template Package is the most popular bundle we offer, providing access to both our eLearning Template Library and Cutout People. We were curious (and hopefully you are, too!) as to what all of you were downloading in those libraries and pulled some reports.... read more

New Lectora 16 Responsive Templates

With today’s launch of Lectora 16, we’ve been hard at work adding new responsive templates to the eLearning Template Library. We’ve made over 30 skins, interactions, and scenarios exclusively for this new release. Take a look at each one below!      ... read more

Trivantis Releases Lectora 16 with RCD

Today is the long-awaited day that we have been anticipating. Trivantis has finally released the latest update to their eLearning desktop publishing software, Lectora Inspire. Lectora 16 brings the new Responsive Course Design (RCD) features currently being enjoyed by... read more

The Responsive Course Design Storyboard Kit

As you may or may not know, Lectora Online has recently released with a new Responsive Course Design feature built in. This feature will be coming to the next release of Lectora Inspire, as well. This feature allows you create Lectora titles that will automatically... read more

Lectora Online 3 Responsive Course Design

Lectora Online 3 just released over this last weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We’re so pleased, we’ve added over 30 new responsive templates to the Template Library to take advantage of the new Responsive Course Design (RCD)! Just... read more

Trivantis Makes Updates to Lectora Online 3

Over the weekend, our partners and friends over at Trivantis released version 3 of their online rapid authoring tool, Lectora Online. The biggest, new feature for the tool is the Responsive Course Design (RCD). With RCD, you can design and build a Lectora project for... read more

Template Tuesday: Lectora Business Layout

This week’s Template Tuesday features a slick and modern design, Layout Business 05. With a standard color scheme of whites, grays, and seafoam green, this template is simply a delight to look at. An effort was made to give this template a flat urban look,... read more

New eLearning Templates in September

September was busy!  Seriously, this was one of our busiest months ever in the template making department. Take a look at all of the assets we added to our offering across all of the major eLearning authoring tools. Remember, these are all included in the libraries... read more

Template Tuesday: Lectora Call Center Scenario

This week we’re featuring a Lectora training scenario, one that is relevant to a growing number of people: a call center scenario. If you’ve ever worked in a call center, you know that training is key. There’s a certain finesse involved in dealing... read more

Fall for the Week’s New Templates

New eLearning Templates Recently Launched It’s been a few weeks since we last updated you with all of the new items we’ve made for you. Each of these is an instant download for paid subscribers. Start downloading from the eLearning Template Library now!... read more

Trivantis Releases a New Version of ReviewLink!

Trivantis, makers of the popular eLearning authoring software, Lectora, have released the newest version of their course reviewing webware, ReviewLink! ReviewLink has already been a great way to collaborate with your stakeholders and SMEs on any of the Lectora... read more

We’ve Won a Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award!

No, that’s not a bait-and-switch headline; it’s 100% USDA, Organic, Grass-Fed Truth – we received a 2015 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence in Learning Award! In case you’re not familiar with them, the Brandon Hall Group is the leading independent research and... read more

Simple Tips for Perfect Text in Lectora

Here are a few tricks for working with text blocks in Lectora that will speed up your production. First, a simple Ctrl-V paste will retain any formatting applied in programs such as Word or PowerPoint, but these sometimes include hidden characters that can be an issue... read more

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