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Lectora Interactions to Add to Your Tab

If you have an eLearning course containing lots of textual info, one handy way to save space is to use a tabbed interaction. The advantage here is that you can explore more complicated topics one aspect at a time, all within the comfort of one convenient module.... read more

Ah, Wilderness: Outdoorsy Lectora Templates

There’s something primal in all of us that occasionally craves to get back to our roots and leave civilization behind for a while. With summer now in full swing, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and loads of people are flocking to the unspoiled nature to... read more

Elevate Your eLearning with These Lectora Scenarios

Airports, malls, office buildings: elevators and escalators are everywhere. If you need a smooth and efficient way of going up or down a level, these marvels of modern engineering are your best bet. In addition to their physical utility, these machines are also... read more

3 Lectora Course Starters with a Powerful Plot

A big part the design work in any eLearning course comes down to creating an effective aesthetic. By using a course starter, you can cut down on design time and get to work writing the meat and potatoes of the actual course. Today we’re featuring three Lectora... read more

Win Big with Lectora Game Show Templates

Our popular Game Show template has received a makeover for Lectora! Along with the classic version of the template, Game Show now also fits seamlessly into the “Scratch” theme of templates, bringing a modern touch to an old favorite. The original template... read more

Lectora Templates Imitating Life

The immortal question: Is it art that imitates life, or life that imitates art? Why not both? Regardless of your position on the question, we’d like to share with you a few Lectora templates that do their best to imitate life, providing familiar real-world... read more

Lectora Templates a Cut Above the Rest

Jewels and crystals have captured the human imagination ever since we unearthed that first sparkling gem. The geometric shapes seem to bring an odd sort of order to the seemingly chaotic natural world around them. Over the years, we’ve placed considerable value... read more

Introducing International Cutout People

The Cutout People library is one of the most highly-used products we have and with good reason. Bringing in a human element as a host helps to draw attention to important points in your eLearning. They also facilitate conversation scenarios and allow you to create... read more

Using Lectora to Make eLearning Accessible

Some folks like to complicate everything they touch, like some abominable King Midas of clutter. They stretch five-minute stories into two-hour epics. They create problems in every project under the guise of trying to help. They treat the simplest of topics with... read more

Going About Your Business Lectora Templates

A big part of the eLearning market lies in business training materials. Companies will always need to train their employees to orient them to the work environment, standard operating procedures, and corporate philosophy. It’s important to make the layout of any... read more

The Definition of Great Lectora Templates

The eLearning industry is all about finding more effective ways to train and educate learners. It’s all about using the technological advances we’ve been given to strengthen and streamline the learning process. The capabilities of Lectora as an authoring... read more

3 Responsive Lectora Layout Templates

We’ve recently rolled out three stylin’ new templates for our Lectora library. Each has 18 different layout pages, fully customizable content, and a responsive design that adapts to the device and platform used. With each of these layouts, and a library... read more

eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips

We love Lectora for its versatility and quality. That’s why we partnered with them to provide so many awesome templates for you to plug into the interface! Lectora does the job, and it does it well. Today we’re talking about a three types of Lectora... read more

Webinar: Lectora Tips and Tricks

Last Friday, Brother Adam took some time to speak to webinar attendees about a handful of beginning Lectora tips and tricks. It covered everything from some good initial setup and tips with the Title Explorer to some tricks for visually improving your Lectora project.... read more

Keeping Tabs on Lectora Interaction Templates

Anybody who has ever thumbed through a large filing cabinet can attest to the fact that things are much easier to navigate when you have tabs: those lovely protruding labels that allow you to quickly differentiate the mind-boggling mass of files and grasp only one at... read more

The All-Time Top 10 Lectora Templates

Lectora Inspire 16 is a fantastic way to make responsive eLearning courses quickly. Using our Lectora templates can also get you there even faster, especially since each one of them is included in the purchase of Lectora 16! But which ones are the most popular amongst... read more

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