Instructional Design Tips

3 Creative Ways to Personalize eLearning Training

In eLearning training, I have found it helpful to look for ways you can design for personalized experiences for your learners. Without getting into all the code, I thought it would be useful to show you three ideas to make your eLearning courses more personalized. If... read more

How to Make Sticky eLearning Content

After all the many hours of eLearning content development and design we have done as eLearning professionals, the most important objective is to ensure our learners retain and apply what they’ve learned to memory. In this post, I want to go over the Forgetting... read more

Are You Missing an Impactful Conclusion Page?

I truly believe that one of the most overlooked and neglected pages in online trainings are conclusion pages. I actually feel sorry for them. As the last page of the course, the conclusion page has the opportunity to leave a final impression. But sadly, we are often... read more

5 Ways to KISS Your eLearning

So you might be wondering, how do you give your eLearning a big smooch? That’s not the type of “kiss” I’m talking about. I’m referring to an old acronym coined by Kelly Johnson and has been around since the 1960′s. Keep It Simple... read more

The Basics of eLearning Themes

When making eLearning themes, you have to own it. For example, if you work with dogs. Live in the world of dogs. Everything should be about dogs. Think doggie bones, balls, fire hydrants, frisbees, dog catchers, and paw prints. Everything in your eLearning would... read more

5 Applications for Analogies in eLearning

Early in my training career, I became frustrated. I was designing and teaching technical support training. The typical process involved taking 25 people “off the street” and training them to be technical support representatives in two weeks. As the classes rolled on,... read more

8 Steps for an Awesome eLearning Storyboard

Here is an eLearning infographic for Instructional Designers that uses eight steps for an Awesome eLearning Storyboard. With these eight steps and along with the Free Instructional Design Storyboard template, you will have a the tools you need for awesome eLearning... read more

3 Tips You Must Know When Working with SMEs

SMEs, pronounced “smees” or the singular form “smee” stands for Subject Matter Expert. SMEs are valuable members for any learning design team. Their experience and extensive knowledge on the subject can be invaluable. However, working with SMEs can be a challenge,... read more

Learning Design Straight from the Ski Slopes

Awesome eLearning design is so prevalent in our work culture, the process is even bleeding into our extracurricular activities. With the great snowy weather ahead this season, Zach and Dan are trying to make their feeble bodies worthy of skiing/riding the greatest... read more

What is eLearning Gamification?

You know you have become an eLearning nerd when watching a movie all you think about is gamification and instructional design. Elearning Gamification in Ender’s Game I recently went and saw Ender’s Game, and love it. It’s about a kid named Ender who is a... read more

5 Ways to Handle Boring eLearning Content Like a Pro

Have you ever been tasked with building eLearning games or courses, only to find that your sole source of material is a collection of lifeless, boring eLearning content? We’ve all been there: spending hours trying to put lipstick on a pig that is, well, still going to... read more

3 Things to Consider for eLearning Translation

Have you ever faced the challenge of managing eLearning translation, or localization of training into other languages? It can be a little tricky. Especially, for those who have never made courses for a global audience. If you find that your training will need to... read more

6 Elements Every Mobile Learning Game Should Have

There are essential elements that every mobile learning game should have. Specifically, I found six that are a must when developing any learning game. No, I am not talking about developing the next Halo or World of Warcraft games but something any non-developer can... read more