Instructional Design Best Practices

The Announcement That Rocked SMARTcon

The eLearning Brothers team recently attended SMARTcon, Utah’s premiere sales, marketing, and technology conference, and made a pretty big announcement while we were there. At SMARTcon, industry leaders bring you information on market trends, best practices, and the...

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Webinar: How to Rock the New Features in Storyline 3

Last Tuesday, I teamed up with fellow eLearning rockstar Bill Milstid to discuss some of the cool new features in Storyline 3. During the course of the webinar a number of questions were asked and answered, but there were also some key ones that weren’t addressed that...

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How xAPI Benefits the Learner

xAPI has been a buzzword among eLearning professionals for a while, and rightly so. It’s very exciting to know that you can see exactly who looked at what page in your eLearning and for how long they looked at it. Seeing the results come in that say 200 people...

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Human Capital Analytics — Now

As an alliance partner, Problem Solutions is leading the development and implication of xAPI. We are very excited to post this article by Mike Hruska, President/CEO of Problem Solutions. If you would like to learn more about what xAPI can do for your organization,...

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Webinar: Elevating eLearning Design

Bullet points. Stale narration. “Click next” instruction. Long audio lectures. Yawns. We all know what boring eLearning courses feel like. We all hate them. The real question is, why do we keep producing them? The answer is that most of us haven’t seen better...

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Responsive Design Tips for eLearning Courses

Nowadays the world seems to be all a-clamor over the idea of “responsive design” for eLearning. Yet, there still is a lot of confusion over what it is and how to implement it. Recently, I was privileged to lead a couple of sessions on that very topic at the eLearning...

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