Instructional Design Best Practices

eLearning Messages from the Candy Dish

This Valentine’s Day, when you’re looking for clues about what eLearners need, put the Magic 8 Ball and Ouija board away. Instead, take a look in the candy jar—you might just find some hidden messages in those tasty conversation hearts you find. HEY YOU When creating... read more

Can You Learn How to Make Coffee via eLearning?

There are people who argue that some subjects or topics can’t be taught via eLearning. In the past, I’ve wondered the same thing. But then I witnessed the value of eLearning content, and it made me re-think what’s possible. Regardless of the topic, if you’re looking... read more

The Colors of eLearning

Color impacts your courses and your learners. Choosing the “correct” colors can hinder or increase the speed of learning and retention. Colors can affect mood, have different meanings in various cultures, and bring immediate things to our... read more

Get Out of Your eLearning Rut in 2016

I imagine that most organizations today have some type of eLearning in place. If your organization isn’t using eLearning, make a plan to check it out in 2016. There are many benefits to implementing eLearning–it’s scalable, available 24/7, and can do wonders for your... read more

A Thanksgiving eLearning Retrospective

Now that the feast is completely digested, we look back to a week ago at the festivities of Thanksgiving. The soft creamy potatoes, decadent sweet potatoes, and most importantly, a thick slab of juicy turkey slathered in tart, tangy cranberry sauce. It’s the... read more

How to Develop Your eLearning Superpowers

After a bite from a radioactive instructional designer, Lance Larson was endowed with superhuman eLearning skills. Vowing to protect the world from eLearning-related evil, Lance donned a cape and became Learning Lad! He wasn’t quite up to the job at first,... read more

How to Make Your eLearning Deliver

Though the advent of email and text messaging have significantly decreased the amount of handwritten mail we send and receive, as long as we have a need for physical goods and objects, we will need some kind of delivery service. Though deliveries probably won’t... read more

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