How to Insert Custom HTML Into Lectora

Custom HTML into Lectora


This blog post will show you how to insert custom HTML into Lectora using the HTML extension. This means you can insert custom HTML code (such as games or interactions) from the eLearning template library, the interaction builder, or any other custom HTML code.


  1. I created a game interaction but use a PC. When I do ‘download HTML 5′ it outputs a AWO file. I tried saving it as a library object and then inserting it that way but that didn’t work. I tried using the HTML extension and Web Window too. Help!

  2. Hi Melissa!

    It looks like this particular blog is a little old, so some of the processes have changed. The download on the right (or Download for Lectora option) gives you an AWO file. It is a Lectora work file and can be opened independently of the instructions here. There is another option to download it as HTML (or Download for Desktop) whose instructions are a little more similar to what you’ll see in the video here. Hope that helps!

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