How to Harness the Power of “Change Contents” in Lectora


I’ve had many people ask me, “How did you do that?! That’s amazing!” in regards to my Lectora development work. The most common answer I give, “Change contents.” The response I usually get is “What’s that?”. Let me explain.

What Does it Do?

There are so many uses for this action. The short version is this action allows you to change the content based on what action you apply to it.

Why Would You Use it?

One of the cases you would use the “Change Contents” action would be to fill or alter the contents of the feedback based on whether the question answered was correct or incorrect.

Change Contents is one of the many actions available to you from the action type drop-down in Lectora. You can use it on images, videos, GIFs, and even the contents of text boxes. Also, since it is an action type, it can be linked to a conditional and / or a variable.

How to Use the “Change Contents Action” in Lectora

1.  Create an action and select a trigger.
2.  Choose “Change Contents” as the action type.
3.  Each Change Contents action for non-text boxes has a Target and a Resource:

a.  Under Target, choose the course asset you wish to change.

b.  Under Resource, choose the NEW graphic, text box, or asset you wish to change.

4.  Each Change Contents action for text boxes has a Target, Value, and Text:

a.  Under Target, choose the text box whose contents you wish to change.

b.  Under Value:

i.  Choose Set Text and type in the new text in the text area below, or

ii.  Choose a variable from the Value drop-down list to replace the text box contents with the variable’s contents.


That is all there is to Change Contents! It is an incredibly powerful tool, even more so when paired with conditionals or when tied to variables.

Bonus Tip

When using the Change Contents action, make sure your replacement text or replacement image is the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTION as the original. Otherwise, the image will get distorted, and the text will get cut off.


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  1. Why not make the above a template for the library?

  2. Thanks Drucilla, we should make this a part of the eLearning Template Library. It would be a good addition to our Lectora Templates. I will let our developers know about your request.

    In the mean time, have you seen our new eLearning Games? We’ve just added new Lectora Games Templates.

    Have a great day! Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Only if you leave in that awesome lightning pic as your course opener.

  4. You are right Matt. It would be an awesome template with the lightning picture. Thanks for recognizing one of our favorite blog pictures. Have a good day!

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