How to Create a Drag and Drop Interaction in Adobe Captivate

Drag and Drop Interaction in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate has an easy way to create drag and drop interactions. The drag and drop interaction in Adobe Captivate is basic knowledge but an essential understanding allows you to have more creative control in your courses. Learn how to use this valuable interaction in the video below.

(Click here to view at YouTube.)

View Adobe Captivate drag and drop templates.


  1. What version of Captivate can this be done? 6? or is this just for cap 7?

  2. I believe this can be done in 6 and 7.

  3. Does adobe captive have System Simulations i mean not recording a video. i want the user interact with the software on captivate.
    For example Microsoft Excel the user can write, clic the insert tab or any tab but inside captivate

  4. Hi Ricard, thanks for the comment. Can you explain what you mean by your question a little more?

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