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We already know how important setting goals is. But sometimes you make goals at the beginning of the year and then forget to continuously act on them. Over the next few blog articles, I’m going to share some tips on goal setting—quick reminders you can act on now to kick-start the new year or the next quarter.

A new quarter, just like a new year, gives us a blank slate, a fresh start filled with opportunities for us to capitalize on. Why is it then, that we often come away feeling disappointed or frustrated with what we’ve accomplished at the end of that quarter or that year?

Maybe we forgot to act on what we know about goals and goal setting.

My goal is to provide you with a quick goal setting process you can put to work right now to jump-start your new quarter…and get the results you’re looking for.

Tip 1 – DREAM

Whatever you dream about you can become.

-A.L. Williams, author of “All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, but All You Can Do Is Enough!”

Start by taking some quiet time to dream, away from all the noise and buzz: this is the key first step. Our dreams become our goals so let’s take time to sit quietly and dream first.

Next, ask yourself: “What ONE dream gives me a sense of accomplishment and success – and gets me really excited…winning an award at DevLearn DemoFest for a course I’ve built? Landing a new client? More income? A new home? Taking a vacation?” You get the idea.

Now, create a mental picture of that dream being accomplished. Allow yourself to feel the happiness and satisfaction you get from accomplishing your dream.

This clear mental picture—your visualization—combined with strong feelings, creates the focus for setting your goal.

So now, do some dreaming!
 Next week in Part 2, we’ll connect your one dream with how to set a goal to achieve it.


About the Author – Linda Willis

Linda Willis is the co-founder, operations partner and chief customer relations contact for her performance improvement company, The Willis Organization.

Prior to co-founding The Willis Organization with her business partner and spouse, Peter, she served as Director of ESL instruction and programs for a large multi-ethnic school board. There she was responsible for leading and coordinating board/staff relations, teacher training and student programs for 27 high schools and over 200 elementary schools.

You can reach out to Linda via email: linda@mygoforthegreen.com