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Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates

Do you want Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates? Then you have come to the right place. We have over 20 free Articulate Storyline-compatible assets just for you. Also, if you didn’t know, we have over 300 Articulate Storyline templates for full-access members,...

Free eLearning Stock Images of Computers and Devices

Today we are giving away free eLearning stock images of computers and devices. These stock images come with transparent backgrounds so they can easily be placed into your course. Also, they can be used by any authoring tool. These templates can be a life saver if you...

Free White Paper: Migrating to an eLearning Infrastructure

Are you just starting your journey into eLearning? Or perhaps you’ve already got some traction, but you’re struggling with the right eLearning infrastructure within your organization to really make it work. We are fortunate to work with dozens of clients who are just...

16 Free eLearning Cutout People Images

We hope you enjoy this free offer of our free eLearning Cutout People Images. These are high-resolution images with the background already removed. To download the images, click the link below, sign up for a free account and follow the instructions. Want access to...

Happy Festivus: Free Android Tablet Graphic

There will be no “Airing of Grievances” this year of “Festivus for the rest of us” with this Free Android Tablet graphic. This free graphic is sure to bring eLearning cheer, even if you celebrate Festivus. Sign up for a free account to get the...

Free Instructional Design Storyboard Template

We introduce several new templates each week but this template is especially awesome. First, it’s free! Second, is it’s made for instructional designers to streamline all of your instructional design processes. Here are the things that this Free...

Awesomely Free Customer Service Cutout Person

Yes, “awesomely” is a word. And it describes perfectly how AWESOME and FREE the new Customer Service cutout person is in our eLearning Template Library. You’ll find Tasha and other FREE eLearning Templates in our library under Freebies. Sign up for a...

Watercolor eLearning Course Backgrounds

I’m always looking for fresh new designs to use when I’m design eLearning courses. A while back I was inspired by a watercolor effect that someone used for a marketing piece. Today I finally blocked out some time to play around and recreate some of my own...

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