6 Free Cutout People BLOG

Our free library currently has six great cutout people ready to use in your next course. For simple interactions and demos, these cutouts add a little human spark to your eLearning, thoroughly engaging learners who are sick of looking at words on a bland background.

To give your course that personal touch on the cheap, try some of our free cutout people.


14414-web-Susan-Free-People-Cutout-Image Susan is professional and friendly. She gives gives off an air of sophistication and experience. This cutout is ideal for office and managerial courses, but could conceivably be used for any scenario that involves formal or professional attire.


14415-web-Jin-Free-People-Cutout-Image Jin is pensive and thoughtful. Like Susan, he is also well-suited to office eLearning and other formal or business scenarios.


14416-web-Kate-Free-People-Cutout-Image Kate is a very versatile cutout. Her outfit is right in that sweet spot between business casual and formal, so she could easily fit into either one.


14417-web-Kylie-Free-People-Cutout-Image Kylie is business casual and serious. She’s a take-charge individual who knows what she wants and how to accomplish her goals.


14418-web-Tyrell-Free-People-Cutout-Image Tyrell is ready for anything. Suave, very professional, and charismatic, this cutout makes for a great welcome or conclusion page.


26028-web-Olivia Olivia is young, ultra casual and active. Her cutout is perfect for fitness and health courses, as well as being a good representation of a college student.

Sign up for a free account today and start downloading our cut out people images immediately. How would you use these cutouts? Can you think of a scenario involving more than one of them? Tell us about it in the comments.

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