Free Conversational Scenario Template for PowerPoint

Conversational Scenario Template

Free templates are awesome! Try out this free Conversational Scenario template, a nine page scenario PowerPoint file. Use this to mock up a conversation that takes place in a copy room. Add your own audio, replace the cutout people or import this scenario into other authoring tools. All nine pages are meant to help you streamline your eLearning process and create a unique conversational scenario for your content.  You can find this free template in the freebie section of the eLearning template library.

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Conversational Scenario Template


Video Tutorial: PowerPoint Conversational Scenario Template

Don’t know much about using Conversational Scenario Templates for PowerPoint? Here is a video tutorial that will teach you how to install and effectively use this new template.

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  1. Apparently it’s not free any longer. Perhaps you should remove this page.

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