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How to Use Experiential Course Flow to Enhance eLearning

Posted by in eLearning, Instructional Design, Our Favorites, Resources, Slider | 11 comments

Not to give away all my instructional design secrets, but I’m going to tell you how I’ve been structuring eLearning course flow to enhance...

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The Case of the Persistent Variables: a Lectora Mystery (Part 2)

Posted by in eLearning, Lectora Resources, Our Favorites, Resources | 0 comments

My old partner once told me, “Just because you can do it in Lectora doesn’t mean you should.” That was before they found him stark raving...

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Free Template for Captivate 8: Mobile Instructional Design Storyboard

Posted by in Adobe Captivate Resources, eLearning, Freebies, Our Favorites, Resources | 0 comments

The first Mobile Instructional Design Storyboard Template for Captivate 8 is now available for download! That’s right! Now you can...

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Instructional Design for Responsive Projects in Captivate 8

Posted by in Adobe Captivate Resources, eLearning, Freebies, Instructional Design, Our Favorites, Resources | 0 comments

Responsive projects in Captivate 8 offer the ability to design and publish responsive mobile projects in a way we haven’t seen in the...

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Adobe Announces Captivate 8: The Most Significant Release Yet

Posted by in Adobe Captivate Resources, Captivate Templates, eLearning, Our Favorites, Products/Reviews, Resources, Slider | 4 comments

Since its last release in June 2013, Adobe Captivate 8 leapfrogs the current paradigm of eLearning development and addresses the needs of...

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5 Enemies to Your Perfect Quality Assurance Process

Posted by in eLearning, Our Favorites, Project Management Resources, Resources | 0 comments

We are all prone to mistakes now and again, but trying to understand what those mistakes are and how you can improve upon them is the key...

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