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Awesome eLearning Templates and eLearning Custom Development

7 Benefits of Corporate eLearning

Posted by in eLearning, Featured | 1 comment

Over the last 15 years in my professional career I’ve seen the benefits of eLearning in my roles as Director of Human Resources,...

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How to Disable Navigation in Articulate Storyline

Posted by in Articulate Storyline Resources, eLearning, Featured | 0 comments

Occasionally, you will want to disable the navigation within your Articulate Storyline project so that the learner must view the content...

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Using the Interaction Builder with Lectora V11

Posted by in eLearning, Featured, Lectora Resources | 0 comments

In this online Webinar for Lectora users, Brother Jeff walks you through the basics of how to use the eLearning Brothers Interaction...

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Awesome Instructional Design =’s Engaging eLearning

Posted by in eLearning, Featured, Instructional Design, Resources | 0 comments

You may read the title of this blog and say “well DUH”. But I have to tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. To sit down and look at a...

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Adobe Captivate 7 Templates

Posted by in Adobe Captivate Resources, eLearning, Featured, Our Favorites, Resources | 0 comments

Adobe has just released it’s latest version of Captivate. Seems as if they just barely launched Captivate 6 and now 7 is out. We are...

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Getting Inspiration From Other Designs

Posted by in eLearning, Featured, Graphic Design Resources, Resources | 2 comments

This week I stubbled onto a website that inspired me (screenshot above). I Love clean, simple, bright designs which this has. Usually I...

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