Camtasia Examples, Templates, & Training

A Quick Dive Into Camtasia 9 and eLearning Brothers Camtasia Templates

The long wait is over, and the New Camtasia 9 was released today! In addition to the 8 things we learned about it when they announced the new editing software, we are excited about a few additional things. First of all, all of the Camtasia 8 templates made by... read more

How to Outline a Video Production Plan

Beginning a project of any substantial size requires a considerable amount of planning. Writing a book, a screenplay, or even a sports play requires a sort of outline. An idea of where you’re starting, and where you want to end, and then everything you need to do to... read more

Blurring Information in Camtasia

Making screencast videos sometimes feels like letting people into your personal space. This is because our computers are as personalized to us as our living rooms are. We make our workspaces comfortable and set things up to meet our specific needs. Just like in our... read more

New Time-Saving Camtasia Templates

We have recently added several new templates to our ever growing library. These are more intros, lower thirds, overlays, layouts, callouts, and transitions all professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing. Our Camtasia packages increase in value each time a new... read more

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