Camtasia Examples, Templates, & Training

A Handy Guide to Camtasia Export Formats

What do, Vimeo, YouTube, MP4, 720p, 1080p, and Smart Player all have in common? They are all in the Camtasia export formats options in the most recent version of Camtasia (and 8, if you haven’t upgraded yet). How do you know which one to pick when... read more

How To Create Closed Captioning in Camtasia Videos

When you create a course, and you’ve put the work into making it the best freakin’ course you’ve ever made, you want nothing more than to have as many people take it as possible. Not making your course ADA compliant is doing nothing more than limiting the number... read more

4 Camtasia Editing Tips For Advanced Users

Opening a new program can be both exciting and daunting. It’s especially exciting when a new version of software is released and works great. With the recent update of Camtasia from version 8 to version 9, we are seeing quite a few changes in how that user... read more

4 Priorities For Your Voice Over Recording

When making a clean and crisp eLearning video, you have several choices for audio styles and recording setups. There isn’t always a right way or wrong way, but knowing how to record with clarity and precision is knowledge worth learning. For our live-action video, we... read more

Video Production Tips: Slate, Mic, and Lighting

When shooting a live action video, you suddenly have to care about different things than you do in a screencast. You are likely to be dealing with more “takes” or attempts at your recording. You have to figure out how to get quality sound when you are mobile, and you... read more

Webinar: 7 Exciting Features in the New Camtasia

In this webinar, we hosted Calvin Boekhoven from TechSmith in an overview of Camtasia 9 and some of their new features. We covered several of the exciting new assets, tools, and nuances that make the new Camtasia remarkable. The seven items of discussion are as... read more

Camtasia Animation Features You Didn’t Know About

Among the many new and exciting features in Camtasia 9, one of my favorites is the expansive pre-built animations that are ready for us to use. Let’s talk Transitions first. If you used Camtasia Studio 8, you’re already familiar with the thirty transitions that are... read more

How to Map Out Your Video Production With Blocking

Heard of blocking? In theater, blocking is used to figure out the exact staging of actors so that their performance is never obstructed from the audience. They do the same thing in video, and you should be doing something similar with your screencasts. Have you ever... read more

4 Important Keys to Video Pre-Production Planning

There are a lot of meetings to have when building a corporate video. Any video that involves more than one person is going to require some sort of meeting of the minds. So what should you be thinking about as you walk into this meeting? That really depends on where... read more

A Quick Dive Into Camtasia 9 and eLearning Brothers Camtasia Templates

The long wait is over, and the New Camtasia 9 was released today! In addition to the 8 things we learned about it when they announced the new editing software, we are excited about a few additional things. First of all, all of the Camtasia 8 templates made by... read more

How to Outline a Video Production Plan

Beginning a project of any substantial size requires a considerable amount of planning. Writing a book, a screenplay, or even a sports play requires a sort of outline. An idea of where you’re starting, and where you want to end, and then everything you need to do to... read more

Webinar: A Beginners Guide to Camtasia Tools

Like any great tool, a basic understanding can go a long way in helping you succeed. In last week’s Camtasia webinar, we hosted Lon Naylor in a Beginners Guide to Camtasia Tools. He outlines some great shortcut keys, timeline secrets, and general Camtasia... read more

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