Awesome Game Template Like “Deal or No Deal”

Deal or No Deal

Click here to demo Beat the Banker.

One of our newest additions to the eLearning Template Library is Beat the Banker, an Articulate Storyline game.  This game template is like “Deal or No Deal” on NBC. How it works is you answer questions to get closer to revealing your case number. Once you narrow down your case selection, you can make a deal with the Banker. Basically, the Banker doesn’t want you to continue but you have to make a deal to beat the Banker.

Imagine how cool a “Deal or No Deal” game would be in your next course. It will certainly add diversity in your eLearning Template game arsenal and engage your learners. For those looking for this game in other eLearning tools, we will be rolling out an Adobe Edge version shortly. Stay tuned for that.

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Deal or No Deal 2

Deal or No Deal 3

Deal or No Deal 4

Click here if you want to demo Beat the Banker.


  1. We need this game template!!!

  2. How do I download this???

  3. Hi Andrew! You can download this template by becoming a subscriber to our template library. If you need assistance in doing so, just let us know!

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