Articulate Storyline Training



Take your Articulate Storyline skills to the next level!

eLearning Brothers and Lodestone offer Articulate Storyline training giving you access to expert trainers and a library of pre-built Storyline templates to use during and after class.

Training: Expert trainers show you how harness the power of Storyline to create interactive courses. Learn to go beyond PowerPoint and achieve superior results with Storyline's intuitive user interface, easy to use features, and a multitude of time-saving tips/tricks. Understand how to easily integrate your content with eLearning applications and leading Learning Management Systems to deliver HTML5 and Flash files to virtually any device.

Free Template Subscription! As part of your class registration you get a year's full access to our eLearning Template Library. There are tons of templates built in Storyline and you get the actual work files. Download a file, open it in Storyline, and start building engaging courses immediately.


Articulate Storyline Training Classes

We have training that you can personally attend in the classroom or online. Or if you'd prefer we can come onsite to your location. Courses are listed below.

Classroom Training (Public)
Attend a classroom course at our partner's, Lodestone Digital's, top-notch training facilities in Charlotte, NC. State of the art classrooms allow you to focus on the training that you need without any distractions. Lodestone's white glove service includes:

  • Expert in-person instructor
  • 1-year full access to the eLearning Template Library
  • One-on-one time with the instructor
  • A comfortable and creative environment
  • Unlimited drinks and snacks
  • Complimentary wireless connection

Live-Online Training (Public)
Experience the finest delivery of online Articulate Storyline training via Lodestone Live. Skip all the travel - with Lodestone Live you get step-by-step instructions, tips & tricks, and all your questions answered by the instructor. Prior to the class you receive either a hard copy book and training media, or a series of electronic files that you can walk along with as we go through Storyline one step at a time. Bonus: You also get 1-year full access to the eLearning Template Library.

Private Training
In addition to public classes, we can provide Storyline training at your location or online for three or more students who need custom solutions. Our instructors have years of Storyline production experience, and specialize in implementing digital media tools into an eLearning workflow.

Before each on-site training session, we take a close look at your current production process, software, resource skill sets, and types of learning content being created. From this data we can distill a training program that not only meets your current needs, but also provides a path for the future.

privateContact us to discuss your needs and get a quote.