Articulate Storyline Templates

Awesome Designs | Super Easy to Use!

Need a great way to quickly create awesome looking Articulate Storyline courses? These templates include content layouts, interactions and styles that are visually stunning. Let us help you create great courses.

Pre-Built Interactions

25+ interactive slides such as tabs, flashcards, reveals, stairs, pop-ups and more! We added the buttons, layers, triggers, and animations so that you don't have to. Just add your text and images to create interactive content. Each interaction is fully customizable in Storyline. Learn more

Storyline Games

Our Storyline game templates add excitement to your courses, engage your learners, and help you test users' knowledge. The templates are fully-functioning games and built in Storyline. Just open the template in Storyline and add your text and images. Learn more

Easy to Use

Our content layouts and interactions load directly into Storyline's Template Library. Just click Insert / New Slide and browse our templates in the library. You then select the one you want and insert it directly into your course. Learn more