Articulate Storyline Training & Examples

4 Revealing Articulate Storyline Templates

The click-and-reveal interaction is a tool used frequently throughout eLearning courses and is a very common Articulate Storyline template found in our library. Most commonly, click-and-reveal interactions tend to be used for segmenting large batches of information... read more

Two Interactive Articulate Storyline Charts

Today we’re taking a look at a couple of interactive chart templates that you can use in Articulate Storyline. On their own charts are a useful tool for organizing data and information. One chart can effectively display pages of information in the space of what... read more

Simulating a Device in Storyline

We live in an interesting time, technologically speaking, when personal electronics are jumping the line from luxury to a near necessity. The status symbols of yesterday (smartphones, tablets, etc.) have become as common if not more so than standard desktop computers.... read more

4 Best in Business Articulate Storyline Characters

Corporate eLearning is a big part of what we do. It’s probably no surprise, then, that we have a large selection of cutout characters in business garb. Today we’re taking a look at our four most popular Business character packs, each specifically designed... read more

The 25 Most Popular eLearning Templates of 2015

Our Template Package is the most popular bundle we offer, providing access to both our eLearning Template Library and Cutout People. We were curious (and hopefully you are, too!) as to what all of you were downloading in those libraries and pulled some reports.... read more

7 Sporty Articulate Storyline Game Templates

After going through our Articulate Storyline game library recently, and through the shear volume of sports games we found, we realized what big sports fanatics we actually are. Many of those on our team either athletic or, at least a bit sports-minded, and it’s... read more

Template Tuesday: Storyline Quiz Templates

No course is finished until the review. What’s the point in learning all those facts and skills if you can’t put your money where your mouth is and actually use them in a measurable way? If you sleep walk your way through a course and didn’t learn... read more

The Advantages of Using Storyline Interactions

Articulate Storyline is a versatile program that affords skilled developers with a myriad of options when building a course. Lucky for those developers, the eLearning Brothers Template Library has many beautiful pre-assembled templates that save them loads of time and... read more

Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates

Do you want Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates? Then you have come to the right place. We have over 20 free Articulate Storyline-compatible assets just for you. Also, if you didn’t know, we have over 300 Articulate Storyline templates for full-access members,... read more

The Top 10 Articulate Storyline Games of the Year

Articulate Storyline games are a huge part of our Template Library subscription. We’ve been crunching the numbers and found that over the past year, ten game templates in particular were being downloaded more than the other Storyline games. These are our golden... read more

New eLearning Templates in September

September was busy!  Seriously, this was one of our busiest months ever in the template making department. Take a look at all of the assets we added to our offering across all of the major eLearning authoring tools. Remember, these are all included in the libraries... read more

Fall for the Week’s New Templates

New eLearning Templates Recently Launched It’s been a few weeks since we last updated you with all of the new items we’ve made for you. Each of these is an instant download for paid subscribers. Start downloading from the eLearning Template Library now!... read more

4 Handy Articulate Storyline Interactions

Articulate Storyline is dynamic and highly adaptable. Take advantage of this great program and plug in our interaction templates to really spice up your eLearning. We have a myriad of interaction templates to give your course that extra something it needs to stand... read more

Locking Down a Slide in Storyline

Have you ever needed to lock down a slide so the learner couldn’t move forward until they completed the activity? This tutorial will help you do just that! It is intended for Articulate Storyline 1 or 2, but the concepts can be applied to any authoring tool. I have... read more

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