Articulate Storyline Templates, Training, & Examples

eLearning Brothers dedicates quite a bit of attention to developing world-class templates for the best authoring tools in the industry. Our template library is full to the rafters with Storyline templates and our blog is bursting at the seams with great examples, tips, and tricks that will help you master Storyline. Enjoy!

3 Diagrammable Storyline Templates

I would readily make the argument that humanity’s greatest success is our capacity for efficient and nuanced communication. When we want to, we as humans have the ability get across very complex and abstract ideas, simply by making noises with our mouths,... read more

Drag, Drop, and Roll! 3 Fun Storyline Interactions

Dragging and dropping is perhaps one of the most intuitive functions of a modern user interface. It taps into our brains’ natural expectation of achieving similar results by performing similar actions in the real world. Chances are that if your reading this,... read more

4 Things to Know When Using Layers in Storyline

As I talk with other Storyline users about their projects, almost inevitably the topic of layers vs slides (or sometimes vs states) comes up. There are some passionate people on both sides of the discussion. So, for the sake of those who might be wondering about... read more

Crazy Storyline Carnival Games

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Come one, come all to a spectacular display of Storyline sorcery! Step right up and be dazzled by our collection of Storyline carnival games so marvelous that they boggle the human brain! You too can experience these wonders... read more

Hit the Road with Storyline Templates

Since the first automobile rolled off the lot, something about these powerful machines has captured the human imagination in a very visceral way. Though in modern times we take them for granted, cars do more than just getting us from Point A to Point B. They allow us... read more

4 Tricks for Achieving True Storyline Slide Mastery

Creating an eLearning course can be a long process, especially if you have a lot of slides in your course. For those instructional designers and eLearning developers who have developed a good mastery of Storyline course creation, however, it’s much less... read more

Light Up Your eLearning with Lightboxes in Storyline 2

As the days grow shorter, we start searching for ways to add more light to our days. As our eLearning development progresses, we start searching for ways to add excitement and innovation to our courses. Lightboxes are one way of doing that. A lightbox, outside of the... read more

5 Tips to Prepare Your Storyline Course for Your LMS

August. As the kids go back to school, our thoughts are turned to learning. In the training world, that means in many cases that we are preparing our courses for publishing to a Learning Management System (LMS). Since there are countless LMSes out there, and they all... read more

Because It’s There! 3 Mountainous Storyline Games

With the eLB home base situated at the feet of the Rocky Mountains, we are no strangers to these majestic landforms. In many cultures throughout the world, mountains have been considered places of meditation and reflection for centuries, in part because of their... read more

Bank on It: Using Question Banks in Storyline 2

Quizzes… we all use them. They are an integral part of any good eLearning course. Yet one of the oft-neglected types of quizzes is one that draws from a bank of questions. What is a question bank? A question bank is a group of questions from which a certain... read more

How to Insert an HTML5 Interaction into Storyline 2

So you’ve spent a lot of time creating an amazing HTML5 interaction using our Interaction Builder and now you want to insert it into your Storyline 2 course. But how do you that? That’s the very question we get quite often through our support emails, so we’ve created... read more

Dive into the New Parachute Storyline Game

It takes a rather gutsy individual to throw caution to the wind and jump out of an airplane two-and-a-half miles above the hard ground. It takes a special type of insanity to do so over shark-infested waters. Luckily, reasonable people rarely partake in such an... read more

Enjoying the Summertime with Storyline Hotspots

Summertime is here and the heat is on. Boogie boards, beach volleyball, and sunscreen are all key parts of the hot summer days. So what better time to look at what’s “hot” in Articulate Storyline 2. I’m talking particularly about hotspots, those powerful, but... read more

Back in My Day: Old-timey Storyline Templates

We, as humans, tend to romanticize the past. We fill it with our greatest heroes and most formidable villains. The past is where dragons, pirates, and Old West cowboys take place. While many of the stories we tell about the past are true, some are severe exaggerations... read more

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