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Do you like games? Do you want to make fun eLearning content that reinforces knowledge and gives your learners practice opportunities? Then you need to check out these two new additions to the Training Arcade, an award-winning game authoring tool!


Scramble is a single or multi-player game in which a mixed up sentence or word is presented. In a timed session, the learner drags letters or words from an answer bank into the correct order, then taps the Submit button. The game ends once all the words and/or sentences have been completed. You can customize the sentences and words to whatever your training topic is. 

training arcade scramble game



Recall tests a learner’s ability to retain specific details without the benefit of knowing what to pay attention to beforehand. Learners view an image or video and are then asked one or more questions that relate to what they just saw. The game helps learners maximize their focus and retention by using a game in a pop-quiz format.

In the example, below, the learner was first shown a hospital scene, and then asked a series of questions about items in the scene.

training arcade recall game hospital example

All pictures, videos, and questions are customizable. We created an eLearning Brothers themed example using a photo of this wall in our office.

 training arcade recall game with elearning brothers office photo


What Is The Training Arcade™?

The Training Arcade is a library of fun, casual games that can be rapidly customized with your content to reinforce educational material, assess knowledge retention, measure overall teaching effectiveness, and improve learning outcomes.

The best part? There’s no programming necessary! It’s all done in our easy-to-use online editor. All the games are SCORM-compliant, easily embedded into the top authoring tools and…we saved the best for last…provide detailed user analytics. You can see what questions your learners are struggling with and how quickly they’re mastering the content covered in the game.

Check out all the games in the Training Arcade today!