10 Most Popular eLearning Cutout People of 2013


The eLearning Template Library had an outstanding year in 2013, with almost a quarter million files (many with multiple templates) downloaded from the template library. That’s almost 700 downloads per day. Between Q1 to Q4 template library visits almost tripled. Given quarterly and monthly trends, we expect at least half a million downloads in 2014. Point is, the eLearning template library is growing quickly.

eLearning Cutout People Images

Cutout people images are a popular request from the library, representing more than half of all downloads. These images add a personal and engaging feel to your learning, and we have tried to provide enough variety in demographics, poses and settings to afford in-depth character scenarios if you want.

We maintain a growing library of thousands of eLearning cutout people images, which can be browsed or searched based on based on hair color and type, clothing style, race, gender, age and setting (business, casual, medical, etc.).  We also name our cutout images so you can remember your favorite ones, and, well because we’ve become rather attached to them.

Among the thousands of images we have in stock, here are the most popular eLearning cutout people of 2013:


#1 Melanie

eLearning Cutout People

#2 Jamie

eLearning Cutout People

#3 Bruce

eLearning Cutout People

#4 Kate

eLearning Cutout People

#5 Montell

eLearning Cutout People

#6 Steve

eLearning Cutout People

#7 Amy

eLearning Cutout People

#8 Max

eLearning Cutout People

#9 Sherri


#10 Tamika


Bonus Points

Can you spot eLearning Brother Shawn hidden among the crowd in the eLearning Template Library? His name is changed. Sadly, he was not the most popular, and we frequently explain to him that looks aren’t everything. But you get extra bonus points if you can find Brother Shawn.

eLearning Cutout People Inforaphic



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